Using Keywords in your template

Still associated with SEO, amid ongoing Busby SEO Test contest. The idea is to maximize the use of keywords wherever you can (don't overdo it though). These are the places that you must put keywords in them:

Blog Title - Search engines weigh your blog title heavily. Again, it's best to find a name that is both catchy and keyword-rich.

Blog Description - This is where you want to write phrases that catches attention, but rich with keywords too. If you're ranked even at No.1, but your description is as dull as a bull, nobody is going to click to your blog.

Post title - Use keywords to post title, pictures, photos, graphs, videos, etc that you're using in your blog.

Internal Links - Some sites use image maps with hotspot hyperlinks, images, or buttons to navigate within the sites. This works against SEO. It's better to use text links instead of images as text links carry more weight when getting ranked in search engines.

Tags or Labels - Each posts should be tagged or labelled with keywords to help strengthen SEO. Some prominent blog directories, like Technorati, uses these tags to identify your blog for others to search.

Blog titles, descriptions, and keywords can be enhanced by using META tags, for example is Busby SEO Test

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