Get More Visitor From Your Blog Comment

Get More Visitor From Your Blog CommentGenerating traffic through blog comments has many advantages. It is not only cheap, but it can be used to generate targeted traffic. First, since blogs are on a specific topic, your comments will generate unique visitors interested on this topic. A second way of targeting is the geo-targeting. If you need or want USA unique visitors, you can place your comments on USA related blogs.

However, before you start spreading your word all over the internet, there are some points and pitfalls that you should take into consideration. The central principle is that it is not about quantity, but actually about quality.

First, never ever engage into SPAM. Don’t use any automatic tool to place comments in thousands blogs. Major search engines know that some people are doing this and this costs many points in their ratings. Your target should also be getting targeted traffic, remember? You want USA unique visitors interested on a specific topic.

Make only relevant comments. Otherwise it will not work. People can spot at miles a spammy non-relevant comment and they won’t click any of these links. So, be sure of adding relevant information to a blog.

Choose carefully the blogs, according to keywords, topics and everything. Traffic is not only about quantity, but also about quality. You want targeted traffic that matches your site. Specially if you are selling something, there is no point in attracting random traffic to your web-site. It will only cost you a couple of cents to pay your hosting for this extra traffic, however, if you want to sell your site some day, you will see that media buyers evaluate carefully the type of traffic that you are getting.

Choose a personal tone to your comments. Blogs are friendly family places where private people exchange knowledge informally. Try to think about anecdotes or to include your personal experience on your comment. You should convince people that you have been there and seen it.

Be discreet placing a link. There is no point in adding that you know a much better resource than a specific blog and then placing a link to your web-site. Bloggers also monitor comments to their blogs and they would surely remove anything that seems irrelevant, spammy or offensive. Try to see other bloggers as your friends, since they are providing some free service to you. That is, they are giving you the possibility of placing an ad on their site.

And finally, to complete your internet marketing strategy, use relevant keywords on your comment s so that search engines will associate your site to specific keywords. That means that your site will not only get more visitors, those who clicked directly the link, but your web-site will also get a higher ranking in SE.

Posting a half dozen comments along some months can do wonders to your site.

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