How To Write Fresh Content For Your SEO Site

Guide How To Write Fresh Content For Your SEO SiteHere some info i get from maybe not much ppl know bout this site they have good guide and tools for your SEO be wise using the tools .

Writing new content for your site could easily help boost your sites rankings in search engine results pages “SERPs” for the keywords you desperately target! Having more pages on your site with unique content will offer search engines more pages to index, and if the search engines index all of your new pages that gives you a ton of new entrances into your site!

You should add new content to your site because it will offer plenty of benefit in your search engine optimization campaign! If you don’t have an on site blog you should get one and you should post original content to it often! But don’t stop at posts! You should also add new unique articles to your site outside your blog!

Next you should start building links using our favorite tool “The Dofollow Blog Finder” and don’t just build links to your main page! You should build links to all of your pages and blog posts!

But it has been said many times and I quote “Content Is King” and you should believe it! Content and incoming links are the two biggest factors in your rankings in Google, Yahoo, Msn, and most other search engines too!

So write your content and make sure that you build links to the content that you write and you cant loose!

The Easiest Way To Create Unique Articles Fast And Free!

Okay, since your reading this post I assume that you understand the importance of article marketing as you can get free advertisement for your website and links in the process but something is holding you back!

Alright what holds you back on creating nice unique on topic articles for distribution? Did you know that article marketing can induce a major flow of traffic? How about all of the sales that you can achieve through article marketing? Plus you can make a name for your company and build an amazing reputation through sharing knowledge on your niche! Search engine optimization and article marketing go hand and hand!

So let me explain to you why your not producing unique articles, building links through those articles, and establishing your internet company as the authority in your niche! Maybe you don’t have time or you don’t have enough inspiration to continually churn out great articles! Right?

Well, worry no more because I am about to teach you a cool little trick that you can use to get perfect articles in ten minutes or less guaranteed!

It’s simple actually and you won’t need to spend a penny! So lets get started! First you will need to visit! Then you will be using the allintext custom search function to find your new content like this! “Allintext:your keyword is” without the quotations.

For instance if you were trying to promote a search engine optimization company you could search Google with the following query “allintext:search engine optimization is” without the quotations and hit search and you will find a bunch of related sites that have that exact phrases somewhere on their website.

Now open each of these websites found in Google’s search results in new tabs then find one sentence from each website that is highly relevant to the site you will be promoting.

Then you will save the relevant sentences in your word processor until you have enough sentences to make several paragraphs! Now you will want to change each sentence slightly so that they will be unique and start building relevant paragraphs using the freshly changed content that you gathered from the custom Google search.

In no time you will have a full size article that is 100% relevant to the website your promoting! Now submit your article to the article directories listed bellow with one link in the footer of your new article that points to an important page on your site!

Article Directory Name URL Alexa Rating PageRank 450 6
GoArticles 2465 6
Web Pro News 2903 7
Site Reference 3652 0
AD 4360 6
Free Articles 5140 0
Articles Base Directory 6319 5
Articles.Web.Com 8506 4
Gobala Krishnan 14794 2
DirectoryGold Article Directory 25357 4
Afro Articles – Article Marketing Directory 34900 4
InfoWizards Free Content Articles 39158 3
Article Friendly 41660 3
Article Submission 43045 5 46932 4
Free Articles for Reprint 49035 6
Article Ardvaark 49967 0
Submit Your New Article 52215 4 53604 4 58106 3
Your Free SAtellite 63374 0
The Add Articles Directory 67840 4
Article Blotter 68054 3
1Article World 68395 3
ABC Article Directory 74153 0 84051 4 84051 4
dk-article 84513 1
ArticleSnatch – The Best Place to Grab Articles 88123 4
Talkin Mince Article Directory 89689 4
Just Articles 93655 5
Article-Buzz – Free Article Directory 94347 4
Free Ezine Articles Site 94529 4
Tips Tricks Resource Portal 95787 5
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