How To Send Anonymous Emails

This is an old school trick, but still today alot of people do not know how to do it!

Here you will learn how to send an email from any account name you desire. This can be quite useful if used correctly. Ive used it on many people in order to pish for their passwords and other private information. For example, i would send an Email with the account name or something like that. And make up some story that requires them to resend me their login info. Once they do that, they're history. This method of mail sending can also be used to play small and innocent pranks on your friends. For example sending an Email from would be great fun wouldn't it?

How To Send Anonymous Emails

Step 1. Press Start => Press Run => Type CMD => Press OK
Step 2. Type In: Telnet => Type In: O
Step 3. Connect To A Mail Server

To send to a GMAIL user type in: 25
To send to a HOTMAIL user type in: 25
To send to a YAHOO user type in: 25

To send to other email account users, you will have to find the mail server that their emails are sent through. For example, to send an email to a guy with an email account such as, you would have to nslookup the server which in this case is Then look for any mail servers and substitute those instead of the ones provided for you above.

Step 4. Type In: HELO localhost |Initiates Mail Sending|
Step 5. Type In: MAIL FROM: |Address Your Sending To|
Step 6. Type In: RCPT TO: |Address Your Sending From|
Step 7. Type In: DATA |Enables Data Send Format|
Step 8. Type in your message once it says "354 Please start mail input."
Step 9. Type In: . |Finalizes Message|
To End. Type In: QUIT |Closes Telnet Connection

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