Recent comments in the sidebar (classic template)

Comments left by Blogger members will have their names linked to their profiles. Anonymous comments, or comments left as "Other" but without a URL specified, will be unlinked. If someone comments as "Other" and specifies a URL, that will be the destination of the link.
Here's the code you need to get this in your blog:

Copy that into the sidebar area of your template (or wherever you'd like it to display), then save and republish and you should be all set. Read on for a quick walk-through of the code.
The tags mean that this list will only appear on the main page of your blog. You could also put it on the archive pages, by changing this to , but it wouldn't make much sense to have it on the post pages, since they already list all their comments.
The tag cycles us through every post on the page, while the tag lets us only dispay information for posts with comments enabled. Then the tag iterates through every comment for each post.

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