How To Make Your Paypal Verified Without Credit Card

How To Make Your Paypal Verified Without Credit CardPaypal verification must use a credit card or debit card. means we have to make a credit card or debit first. and a more interesting, paypal is now working with all internatinal bank,so it will make us more easy to cashout our money to our bank account, i am browsing all the site and i found free debit card that can work for the verification and take money from paypal with ease. ^ _ ^

Verify with the PayPal Debit Card Mastercard, to get a Mastercard Debit Card Royal Bank of Scotland is that we not have to pay the alias free. This card is very useful for verification PayPal, withdrawing money from our sites in this and other affiliations that we follow through Mastercard ATM in the world. You do not need to worry, the card is legal, safe and reliable. And that we can get for free. Nah, I will share how to get the card and get the revenue from this site, follow the steps below to register carefully.

First step: Click Here

* Click Join Now

* Fill in your data with complete

* I am a: – Man (if you are male) – Woman (if you are female)

* Interested in meeting a: – Man, if you want to search for / with are men – Woman, if you want to search for / with are women. You can also fill both

* For: Friendship (are), Dating (ketemuan), Serious relationship (serious relationship), Marriage (married). Can choose one or all of

* My Birthdate, the contents of your date of birth

* Country: Australia (country of origin)

* Zip / Postal Code: kosongin (U.S. only)

* Email Address: fill in your email address

* Username: fill in with the username you want to use (4-16 character)

* Then Click, Click Here and Have Fun

* Then to the next stage

* City: the city where you live

* Closest City: same as above

* State: your province

* Your Heigh: your high (do not have the option to be filled)

* Your Body Type: your body type (there is no option to be filled)

* Your Race: race atai tribes, usually to Asia Indonesia

* Your Religion: religion you

* Your Education: Your education last

* Your Occupation: Your job, Office Staff (employees), Bussines (businessman)

* Introduction Title: about yourself, eg: i am a good man, my hobby travel (10 character min etc.)

* Tell about other youself: tell about yourself, eg: I am a good women, I like travel and my hobby reading, computer, sports, and others, i love new friend men or women (make love to you-like, 50 min character)

* Photo Upload: you can upload directly or leave this empty, later you can upload it again.

* Click to Join Then, after that check incoming email in your email. open the email and click Active Now

Your account is activated, you can login using the username and password in your email. After that first out with the click Log Out.

Step two: Click Here

* Click Affiliate Signup

* Fill the data according to your ID (ID CARD, SIM, or Passport)

* Preferred Program: Select No. 1

* First Name: Your First Name (if cmn one syllable Mr content., After the list is complete you can send the copy / scan to ID

* Last Name: The name behind you

* URL: address of website / blog you, if you have blm temporarily fill later you can change

* Desired password: password you want

* Preferred Newsletter Language: English

* Email Address: your email address

* Secondary Email Address: your email address other (can leave this empty)

* Checks payable to: your name (in accordance ID CARD)

* Street Addres: the address where you live

* City: the city where you live

* State Province: province

* Country: Indonesia (country)

* ZIP / Postal Code: zip code

* What is your business tax Classification? : LEave Empty (U.S. only)

* Which tax category should be in your business? : Non U.S. Business

* Tax ID or Social Security Number: LEave Empty (U.S. only)

* Phone Number: Phone No, a country code (Australia 62). ex: 021 654321 for 6221 654321, 081 12345678 for 6281 12345678

* Which Instant Messenger do you use? : Choose None

* Use ePassporte: select No

* Then click the Click Here for the Last Step

* Click the small blue box with any posts Here is your account information. Click here to update your information.

* Click Payoneer: Signup to be paid by Prepaid MasterCard ®. You will be directed to FriendFinder a page hosted by Payoneer, where you can sign up for a card.

Fill your data in accordance payoneer ID , wait approximately 30 days. Akan payoneer debit card to your home, after the activation according to the instructions in the letter sent with a debit card.

Well, the steps have been completed and register a debit card you can have with a member on friendfinder. If you register directly at the payoneer can not for the country because Indonesia does not have. Re-check your email, because the username & password for the member and payoneer different. Now you can get invites to join with temen-temen friendfinder you in, if what you have, you get women to join $ 2, men’s $ 1. Nah great khan, you can verify your PayPal account with a debit card for free payoneer (min balance payoneer at $ 2, cost $ 1 PayPal verification, 95 will be added in your PayPal account).

In fact, have asiafriendfinder also friendfinder, adultfriendfinder etc.. This site for adult but I do not recommend to follow the negative, we only take the benefits. Take the good (a debit card for PayPal verification free of charge and dollarnya) and dispose of the ugly-ugly. For information on payoneer aja if there is cutting about $ 3 per month, for administrative costs (such as we have in the bank account). However, once you get the payment immediately get the cash in ATM, the funds if I lose a piece of the da.
nah … easy huh? If u not understand read again from the beginning … sure will be very useful for all of you.

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