How Can Social Bookmarking Site

The social bookmarking site “Digg, buzz yahoo, furl,” as explained before is renowned for passing so many visitors onto a popular site that it has been known to cause a server “meltdown” or crash which some bright spark coined as “The Digg Effect”. To give you an idea of what “The Digg Effect” is really like, some bloggers have actually had to close their site for a couple of days simply because the popularity of their site exploded their bandwidth usage and almost blew the server up. Within 24 hours of your site becoming popular, it has been known that unique visitors can flood onto your site which, as you can imagine, would put tremendous strain on your hosting account. Personally, I feel that this method of generating traffic is only beneficial for those who want to actually sell their website that very month.

With literally thousands of visitors entering your site because of this popularity spot, you’ve got to look at exactly who is coming to your site. The visitors may be strong in number, but usually its quality you want; as many of them won’t click your ads, many of them won’t look at your forum, hell – many of them won’t even stay there for 5 seconds... but at the end of the day, all the unique visitors add up. And what you have at the end of the traffic inferno that “The Digg Effect” makes is simply traffic stats that anyone who wants to sell a site would die for. This isn’t a website flipping guide, but I might have just given away a pretty big nugget to how you can “make your site look good” when you come to sell it.

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