Thanks 4 Your love

♥♥** It’s nOt that I dOn’t wanna share my life with U
It’s just that I’m the One I need to be true to
& I wOn’t give up me tO be part Of U
It’s nOt that I dOn’t wanna have U in my life
It’s just U gOtta knOw that it’s gOt tO be right
Before I Open up my heart tO U ....

I dOn’t need sOmebody tO cOmplete me
I cOmplete myself ... I want U tO knOw
I’ll give up my love but I’m not giving up my soul
Nobody’s got to belong to sOmebOdy else.

I belOng tO me I don’t belong tO U
My heart is my possession I’ll be my own reflectiOn .. !!
I’m One nOt half of twO & if you’re gonna love me
U shOuld knOw this I belong tO me" .. !!
I gOtta let U knOw before I let U in ..
That whO I am is nOt about who I am with ..
That don’t mean I dOn’t wanna be here with .. I dO .

Love dOn’t mean changing whO U are tO be
WhO sOmebody wants U to be
NobOdy’s gOt tO belong tO nobOdy ♥♥

# I Want to Meet:

♥♥ " Thanks 4 Your lOve ... !!
I need you to hold me make me feel so rite ..
There's nO other LOve ..
U Are everything that ..
I'm Looking for & mOre ...
I ♥ U more today ..
Than I did yesterday .
I ♥ yOur smile .. I ♥ yOur laugh
& I ♥ the word U say ...
U are my present ... U are my future .
U are my past ..." ♥♥ ♥♥

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