guardian angel

04/3/2008 3:15 am

I'm yOur Guardian ANgel
I will never let yOu Fall
I'll stand up with U 4ever
I'll be there 4 U ...
ThrOugh it ALL ...
Even if Saving U ..
sends me to Heaven .. MUachhh

It take a minute tO like sOmeOne ..
A week tO loVe soMeOne ..
bUt tO fOrget seems like a
life time ..... !!

Maybe the trUth is ..

We Hide cUz we want tO be fOund
We walk away tO see wHo will fOlloW
We cry tO see whO will wipe Our tears away ...
& we let Our hearts get brOken ..
tO see whO cares enOugh tO fix them .. !!

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