* 06/22/2008 4:06 pm
* * When I'm feeling bluE ..
L0st with0ut a cluE
Sparks betwEen 0ur eyEs ,
Nothing can bE as trUe

Sing my life 4 U ..
Paintings that I drew
One plus 0ne makes two ..
How I wish t0 caress U

Tell me where we're heading t0
What we dO may seem sO crUde ..
Where's the gOod in 0ur goodbyes
The time U leaves ..
The time U break my heart in twO

Even though we're far apart ..
Send my love with all my heart
When U miss me at night ..
LOok at the stars shining bright

For the time U pulled me through ..
All the things I dO 4 U ..
Running tears frOm my eyes ..
Thinking how will I survive next gOodbyE

Hiks2 .. pengEn ketemU ..
kangennnnn .. !!

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