Patung-patung Dari Seluruh Dunia Yang Aneh Dan Ganjil

1. Reykjavik[Islandia]

2. In front of the Ernst & Young building [Los Angeles]

3. Terdapat di Praha[Ceko]

4. A contemporary representation of Charles La Trobe in central Melbourne [This temporary installation was removed at the end of June 2006 and has been acquired by La Trobe University].

5. Stockholm[Sweden]

6. Cupid di Ginza, Tokyo[Japan]

7. [Singapore]

8. "The Awakening" di Haines Point Park, Washington, D.C.[USA]

9. "Green giants" di Sylt[Jerman]

10. "The passing" di Wroclaw[Polandia]

11. "Desperate Dan" di Dundee[Scotlandia]

12. "The Virgin Mother" di NYC[USA]

13. Di Berlin[Jerman]

14. "UFO has landed" Di Utrecht[Belanda]

15. Unknown

16. [Salt Lake City]

17. Statue in the Guadalquivir river, near La Mezquita, [Cordoba, Spain]

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