20 foto-foto menakjubkan dari World War 1

1.Scottish Prisoners of War

2.North African Soldiers in France

3.Operating on a Horse in France

4.Australian Light Horse Brigade

5.Australian Soldier Gathers Anemones ( Anemones nama bunga kayaknya kalo dilihat dari gambar )

6.French Gun in Northern France

7.German Field hospital

8.Soldier, Woman, and Baby

9.French in the Frontline Trenches

10.Haircuts for the Soldiers

11.Children Amidst the Ruins

12.No Mans Land from a Trench

13.Women in the Factories

14.Prisoners Of War

15.American Burial Plots

16.Russian Soldiers

17.Australian Soldiers Relaxing

18.Soldiers Cooking

19.French and British Soldiers

20.French Navy Gunners


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