How To Look Sexier In Bed

10 beauty and fashion secrets for after dark.

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Woman in bed

Here's the dilemma: sex and romance appeals, but getting naked and frisky with five to ten extra pounds doesn't. Wearing Spanx to bed is out of the question; so is turning off the lights. You need a confidence- boosting strategy that's guaranteed to work even without a glass of Chardonnay. Think Vanessa Williams in Ugly Betty, Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City, January Jones in Mad Men! Here are 10 fashion secrets for looking good in bed:

1. Stage your boudoir. Choose a rosy pink, apricot or buttery yellow color for walls and sheets. These hues make skintones glow head to toe. Switch light bulbs to pink to increase the soft radiant effect.

2. Soak and scent. A steamy mineral salt bath deflates puffiness and bloat and eases sore muscles so you move like an Alvin Ailey dancer.

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3. Ditch the ponytail, burn the scrunchies and get highlights. Loose, shiny hair with body and movement framing your face brings attention up and away from your tummy and thighs. Highlights bring extra sparkle to your face in soft light.

4. Wear jewelry. This is not the time for major chunky necklaces, big chandeliers, or stacks of heavy bangles. Add tiny glints of bling in the most understated way: diamond or cubic zirconia studs, a slender chain with a delicate pendant or charm, a fluid bracelet or two of gold or silver - the kind of jewelry you never take off to shower or wash your hair.

5. Get a short supple robe that defines your waist, shows cleavage curves and legs - and ditch the big fat terry robe!

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