afraid of commitment


I wouldn't say that I'm afraid of commitment,
Just that I'm afraid to find what One special boy .
the One who say ..


Then the next day , we would break up
and he has another girl around his arm ..
That what I'm afraid of ..

**I hate LOve for One siMple Reason ..
The mOre I dEny it .. the More IT MAKES ME FALL

** The only way You'll know how important
something is in your life is when it gets
taken away from you by someone ..
who can take good care of it better than You !!!

** never try to keep a promise to someone
if you cant make it
It'z better to say .... GOODBYE
and make me cry than to make me
BELIEVE with all your lies .. !!

** NEVER be afraid to try something new
Bcoz LIFE gets boring when you stay
within the limits of what You already know ..!!
# Who I Want to Meet:

1 . a guy your once dated , but now either
a . want dead
b . are " friends " with
c . hook up with every once in a while or
d . Have erased all traces that they ever existed
in your life ..

2 . a loser who you dated in the past in which your can now look
back and only regret becouse you were way better than him anyway .

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